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I Was There Hans Peter Richter - DOC

Hans Peter Richter

Horrifying. Not in the content because for the subject matter, it's tastefully done. But in the attitudes of the adults & the way events are seen through the eyes of a young boy who grows to a teen. His sense of naivete about the entire situation is very, very real sounding & there's the horror. It makes the reader feel as though it could happen again and again. The story is told over the course of several years as Hitler rises to power & slowly things change in Germany. The author focuses on several events that happen to him in each year so it's a connected narrative made up of many individual stories. It was riveting & a really great read. My copy is an original paperback edition so the cover doesn't look as slick as the one pictured here. I couldn't find my edition as it has no ISBN. So I can see a modern reader dismissing it out of hand, but I guarantee they would find much to think about after reading it.


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Karunanidhi's first wife was Padmavathi, I Was There who died very early.

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