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Scabbajack Peter J. Murray | Download

Peter J. Murray

There’s a lot to be scared about in this book: plenty of scary noises, and dark passages, and haunting faces. On a more direct grisly level, the violence is extreme, especially for younger readers. Murdoch and his cleaver will make it hard for some to sleep.

But this isn’t simply a fright – it’s also a very well-constructed view of 19th century British history. Scabbajack, the good ghost, guides his modern counterpart Zak through an insightful, depressing tour of child labor practices in the textile mills of 100+ years ago. The machinery, the pollution, and the threat of angry bosses were real-life terrors for millions of people, young and old.

The book isn’t perfect: the side story of Zak as a writer clashes with the flow of the story at times. And without giving away too much – the resolution is more bright and sunny than circumstances deserved. But for those who like something to think about with their scares, this book delivers.


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Scabbajack book

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