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Nick Sagan

I bought this book on a whim because it had a biohazard symbol on it. I also like that it's blue; blue is statistically a poor selling color for dust jackets. I've had excellent luck with schlocky fiction books that have biohazard symbols, and it was on deep discount, so what was to lose. Surprise surprise, it was a pretty good read.

Second in a trilogy to which I've not yet read the first, Edenborn is a fractured fairytale in which the first iteration of doomsday survivors are raising children of their own. I say it's fractured as in terms of the delivery of the plot line; Sagan delivers several pages at a time from the perspective of different characters with an occasionally confusing lack of pronouns.

The story is endearing, complicated, inviting the reader to develop notions and partial understandings of what's going on, only to upend everything on the next chapter. I will not give this book the fifth star because I didn't quite like the ending. Strange, fascinating, horrifying. I think that sums it up.


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Edenborn book

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