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Just One Year Penelope Ward - Read online

Penelope Ward

****4 STARS****

Hero: Caleb Yates, 22, British college student
Heroine: Teagan Carroll, 19, College Student
Theme: College romance. Friends to lovers.

I am not usually a fan of high school or college romances. I like grown people with grown people problems...lol. But as Penelope Ward is one of my favorite authors and I read her religiously I trudged on and am I glad I did. I loved Caleb and Teagan’s love story. They started as friends which is always beautiful and fun to read. I loved reading their texts and emails to one another....Definitely laugh out loud and swoon worthy. They both have troubled pasts but work together as they build their HEA.

Penelope Ward is a skilled storyteller and it just felt that things fell when and where they were needed flawlessly. Paragraphs were light and short with plenty of dialogue. The couple definitely spent a lot time together. Pacing was fast and I read in one sitting. Steam level was moderate.

I think you will enjoy this delightful romance and I highly recommend.


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