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A Stranger Is Watching Mary Higgins Clark | PDF download

Mary Higgins Clark

A Stranger is Watching is a very simple story, but the killer here is not given God like status. He needs to work hard so as to avoid being brought in by the New York police. Eventually bad luck, plus some hard work on behalf of those people on the angels' side, literally catch up with him.

I think that the author will never kill a main character, unless the latter has died in the past, viewed via flashbacks. It's kind of understandable, it makes sense. The blow of death is softened, because the death happened to someone who isn't as known by the readers as the living characters in the present.

Formulaic though the structure of the book is, it's a winning formula. Mary Higgins Clark must have exhausted every permutation throughout her career before her readers said enough was enough. Before, i.e, fatigue set in. The author experienced a lofty position, and I'm glad that she is not as forgotten as say, Harold Robbins.

I myself want more, even if it is of the same. I need the simple sustenance, and I am certain that I will not ditch most of her books. That is a boon. To purchase an ebook and not finishing it is so wasteful. I like Clark's books, so far. I like to follow the coincidences, the poetic justice, the alibis, the plotting, the piety, the good vs evil, the battle of wits, the race against time. This book has got all of that and some more.


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A Stranger Is Watching book

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This story was reprinted in Misty annual as A Stranger Is Watching Grandfather's Clock.

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