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Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 4 Michael-Scott Earle | PDF download

Michael-Scott Earle

Tamer is now book # 4 and we have to wait till 5-6-7 etc. Michael-Scott Earle is a genius at putting out books for the XY Chromosome. The female persuasion has Chic Lit which I have been chastised for enjoying by wife, friends, coworkers for enjoying. In the entire literary world, the Ladies dominate in all areas. I just like to have some great imaginative writing as the world saw from 1800 to today. Wonderful characters in unique situations, the entire universe built to enclose everything.
Now I’m not necessarily talking about what will be classic literature. I want, no I demand the creation of Yarns about Good Guys overcoming Galactic Warlords. Tales of adventure and humor that become a series. Some criticism arises by IDIOTS that enjoy pointing out specks in an author’s work, but cannot see the FUN all around them.
Michael-Scott is a master of creating escapist literature for guys wanting a serious bit of Action, Attitude, Adrenaline and Testosterone narration. He creates a whole world with that magical touch called WHIMSY.
Go ahead and mock me, see if I care. But let me go to literary history. Homer compiled a magical journey that we still see in our modern literature and entertainment industry. Jules Verne was enjoyed by millions as was Charlie Dickens who serialized their work in newspapers. But now called Classics. My main man, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote stuff that entertained millions..then and now.

All 4 Tamer books are five stars. Each one getting better as he expands his story with more plot twists and unique characters.

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Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 4 book

Traditional meals made from Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 4 seasonal products can also be served if you request in advance.

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This city of officially 13 million inhabitants - the largest city in Turkey - celebrates a unique culture which fuses eastern and western influences and a history Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 4 stretching back as far as BC.

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