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The Long Price Quartet: The Complete Quartet Daniel Abraham - DOC

Daniel Abraham

This contains all four novels in the Long Price series. While they each have their own arc, they form one continuous story with largely the same characters. Overall I liked this very much, despite some unconvincing characterizations and plot holes.

These books are low on magic, but what they have is pretty unique: the Khaiem have “poets” who are able to create and enslave something called “andats”, which are “ideas translated into a form which includes volition”. The andats are essentially gods, only limited to a very specific power. Removing-The-Part-That-Continues, a.k.a.Seedless, can remove the seeds from cotton (a mundane but extremely valuable ability), but it can also abort fetuses. Stone-Made-Soft is very useful in the mining industry, but could also be used to bring down mountains. The andats take human form and they are very creepy.

These dangerous creations give the Khaiem a great advantage over their rival nation of Galt, but the andats are becoming increasingly difficult to capture and hold, and the Khaiem rely on them too heavily. Their rivals in the country of Galt are working on technology the Khaiem haven’t bothered with.

The conflict between the Khaiem and the Galts form the overall plot of the series, but this is very much a character-driven story; almost to a fault. Most of the writing concerns the individuals involved and how they feel about everything. The focus is often on people finding good reasons to do terrible things. I sometimes felt that the characterizations were awkwardly forced in order to create profound philosophical differences for the sake of conflict.

Daniel Abraham is one of the writers of the Expanse series, and I noticed some common, discomfiting elements between this series and that one. In both series the reader often gets the point of view of the villain, and is tempted to empathize with their goals. They both have characters who commit horrific crimes and are largely forgiven by the protagonists and seen as sympathetic. There is a jarring disconnect, in both series, between the cozy dynamic of the core characters and the shocking death toll outside their group.

One of my favorite things about this series is the language of the Khaiem, which is only half expressed in words, the rest in meaningful gestures and poses. This seems to annoy some readers but I thought it was handled amazingly well.


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