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The Late Show Michael Connelly : PDF

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly has begun an exciting new series with a new LAPD detective, Renee Ballard, who with her by the book partner, Jenkins, works the Hollywood nightshift, otherwise referred to as The Late Show. This means they pick up cases, which are then passed on to the dayshift cops, Renee has been shunted onto the Late Show because she had the temerity to file a sexual harassment complaint against the head of the homicide team, Lieutenant Robert Olivas. She had been betrayed by her then partner, Kenny Chastain, who refused to back her up. Renee is tenacious, courageous, determined and a gifted detective who has no qualms about doing whatever is required to bring down the evil she encounters on her job. Her father died whilst surfing, although this has not put her off continuing to embrace surfing and the itinerant lifestyle that often accompanies it, using her grandmother, Tutu's home, as her permanent address. It's her way of diffusing the dangers and tensions experienced on the job. She rescued her dog, Lola, from an abusive scenario, earning her Lola's lifelong loyalty.

On one busy night, Renee catches three cases, a credit card burglary, a vicious beating that almost kills Ramona Ramone, a prostitute undergoing a sex change, and a shooting spree that kills three men, a bouncer and a waitress at the Dancers Club. However, this time she wants to run with the cases, and through a mixture of stealth and manipulation, begins her investigations working through the days. Jenkins refuses to back her on this, but Renee is fine with being a loner and carries on regardless. The Dancers Club case is headed by Olivas who will not tolerate Renee's presence on his team. However, when her ex-partner, Chastain, is shot dead, Renee cannot leave it alone despite what Chastain did to her. In the meantime, the dirty politics in the LAPD means that there are people who cannot wait to get rid of her, ensuring Renee has to watch her back constantly. Renee's investigations put her into the path of dangerous and ruthless people, people who are willing to kill, but Renee has every intention of surviving.

Connelly has written a thoroughly gripping novel with faultless plotting. His new heroine is offbeat, resilient and so very compelling and interesting as a character. The storylines are full of the details and procedures of police investigations which highlight the research the author must have done. The narrative is tense, suspenseful and twisted. A book that I found very hard to put down. A great new series and a brilliant read. Highly recommended. Thanks to Orion for an ARC.


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